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Gulder Club Ultimate

Date: March, 2011 Client: Gulder Event: Gulder Club Ultimate A premium experience , truly packed entertaining night, once in a life time opportunity and a never seen or heard before to the consumers. It’s an unbelievable sailing entertainment experience, where everything is unusual, shocking, yet classical, educative, stimulating, inspiring and entertaining.  It feels like a […]
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The Cube

Date: April, 2015 Client: Gulder Event: The Gulder Relaunch ‘The cube’ with a campaign tag line ‘the cube is coming’ is the biggest ever event by the Gulder beer brand since its introduction into the Nigerian market in 1970. It also stands as one of the most disruptive experiential activity in Africa with a fine […]
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Gulder Breaks World Record

Date: April, 2015 Client: Gulder Event: Gulder Breaks World Record Gulder NCP Promo – The Biggest consumer promo in the history of Gulder with over 4 million prizes to be won. The Gulder brand needs to experience a turnaround in its volume decline and the equity scores, by recruiting new drinkers whilst maintaining loyal consumers. […]
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