Gulder Breaks World Record

Date: April, 2015

Client: Gulder

Event: Gulder Breaks World Record

Gulder NCP Promo – The Biggest consumer promo in the history of Gulder with over 4 million prizes to be won. The Gulder brand needs to experience a turnaround in its volume decline and the equity scores, by recruiting new drinkers whilst maintaining loyal consumers. Get 20-35 years regular beer drinkers of Hero, Trophy, and Origin to choose gulder as their default brand in all drinking occasions.

Change the belief of consumers from “Gulder is a passive brand to Gulder is an active brand which brings about lots of excitement and engagement”

Create awareness and excitement pan Nigeria for 2-3 months through an innovative /game changing/impactful national consumer promotion/activation. The NCP should shake the entire country, and be felt by millions of Nigerians.

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