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Peak 1 Million Signature

Date: May, 2016 Client: Peak Event: Peak 1 Million Signature Peak 1 Million Signature consumer engaging activation that will bring to life the get more out of milk campaign platform ,perfectly linking it with the Extra Fortified Plus of Peak Milk (which ensures stronger body and sharper mind). More Case…
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Gulder Breaks World Record

Date: April, 2015 Client: Gulder Event: Gulder Breaks World Record Gulder NCP Promo – The Biggest consumer promo in the history of Gulder with over 4 million prizes to be won. The Gulder brand needs to experience a turnaround in its volume decline and the equity scores, by recruiting new…
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Heineken Green Light Party

Date: March, 2015 Client: Heineken Event: Heineken Green Light Party In a world where putting consumers before profit is not a regular occurrence, Nigerian Breweries Plc has emerged a game-changer with its Heineken Green Light party. The Green Light party is an offshoot of Heineken’s ‘Dance More Drink Slow’ campaign,…
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Date: March, 2014 Client: Hieneken Event: NB Hat Trick The event tagged “Hat Trick” which many described as an “event that shook the brewery industry to its foundation” Was well attended. The event had symbolic significance as it was held on a unique day-11-11-11 to align with the extraordinary unveiling…
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