“33” Export City Of Friends

Project Name: “33” Export City Of Friends

Location: Calabar & Lagos

Experiential Objective: To consolidate “33” Export position as the No. 1 Friendship Beer, To present “33” Export as a rewarding, trendy and entertaining brand, To showcase “33” Export as the brand that creates friendship moments and brings people together to celebrate and share good times via the world friendship day activation platform, Leverage on the WFD platform to celebrate the brand 40th anniversary.

Oracle created a highly engaging & convivial platform for friends and potential friends to meet, engage and be entertained.

The strategy deployed was to turned the “33” City of Friend to a holy land for friends, hence, the need for friends’ to go on the exciting pilgrimage with limitless entertainments and games.

How was it organised and who were involved?: The event was organised to run for a 1 day in Calabar. celeIt was organised as an open-air event with lots of games, entertainments, drinks, reward and indeed musical artistes from booth the state and the country. Musical artiste engaged included KCEE, MC Galaxy and ofcourse Calabar contemporary hip-hop group Okpo Brothers.

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